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My Lockbox

My Lockbox protects sensitive data by restricting access to selected folders
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My Lockbox is intended to protect sensitive data by restricting access to selected folders in such a way that their contents can only be accessed by entering a password. Regrettably, working with the application is not as easy as it could have been. And even worse, there’s no help documentation to guide you. Besides, its interface needs a redesign to make it more contemporary, and unfortunately, none of the multiple skins available makes it look any better.

Two main applications are part of this product. First, there’s File Browser, which looks and works very similarly to Windows File Explorer. Thus, browsing through a directory tree allows you to pick the folder that will serve as lockbox. Second, there’s the Control Panel, where you toggle protection on and off as well as change the program´s settings. This is also where you can make a white list of applications that have access to the locked folders.

In general, I don’t think My Lockbox is a match for other applications with the same purpose. Some of these limitations can be mentioned, for example, it doesn´t allow locking individual files or creating protected partitions.

Pedro Castro
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  • It allows creating a white list of applications with access to the protected folder


  • It doesn´t allow locking individual files.
  • It can´t create a protected partition.
  • It doesn´t come with any help documentation.
  • Its interface looks outdated
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